Solution Patch

Our solution patches are developed for add on to our tuning files.

DPF Removal

Blocked or faulty DPF?

No problem, we remove this from the engine control module as well as from the vehicles exhaust system. This will provide improved consumption and restores power. This solution is for diesel vehicles over and above 50 000 KM. Doing this will improve engine and Turbocharger lifespan with up to extra 35%

EGR Removal

The Exhaust recirculation (EGR) system. Commonly used to control NOx.

The EGR valve works by bypassing exhaust gasses back into the intake manifold. This causes carbon build-up and long term damages to your engine components. With our EGR solution, we close the EGR flap inside the Software along with the removal of any problem Fault codes.

VMAX Removal

Speed limiters can be very annoying!

Most vehicles are equipped with Speed limiters to prevent your vehicles maximum driving speed.

​With our Vmax solution, we remove this for Most Cars / Trucks and even bike.


Looking for that Race sound?

​We have you covered. We offer multiple setups of POP & Bang (this is our loud exhaust Bangs)

​We also offer OEM Activation crackles (this is a soft to mild exhaust crackle and pop sound, more used for daily enjoyment)

AdBlue / SCR Removal

AdBlue is a non-toxic solution that is used in heavy diesel engines in SCR system to reduce NOx emission.

​Unfortunately, sometimes the AdBlue system pump fails or you might run out off AdBlue Fluid, this will cause complete engine shutdown.

​With our Unique solution, we can help you completely deactivate this system to prevent Engine shutdown and no more AdBlue fluid will be needed.

Start / Stop Off

Start / Stop Systems can be very Annoying !!

​We have you covered you can prevent damages to components such as your Turbocharger and Starter motor with our Unique Start / Stop disabling solution

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