Eco Remapping

We at Eagle Eye International believe, that in our very high cost of living we can truly assist our high mileage traveller clients
with Fuel consumption savings between 10% – 15%.

ECU Stage 1

Our stage 1 calibration software is specially designed for daily performance use.
This solution is a safe and effective way for better response and more power delivery and an impressive 8-10% fuel saving.

ECU Stage 2

Our stage 2 calibration is perfectly custom-tuned to each and every car to match the list of upgraded hardware.
We offer maximum power for your standard turbocharger with supporting modifications

ECU Stage 2+

New to our list of tuning is the stage 2+ hybrid tuning solution.
This solution is for clients with all the supporting modifications for stage 2,
but this time with the turbocharger blades modified and improved size on the OEM turbocharger

ECU Stage 3

Have a project in mind? Need custom development?
​Our stage 3 package is especially for clients that need lots of time from our engineers to custom tune their custom build projects.
​This solution is for maximum power requested by the client.

What We Can Offer You

Performance Tuning

Best Possible tuning solution for your vehicle to gain maximum power. We offer 3 different tuning solutions.

Eco Tuning

Best possible tuning solution for our clients looking to save fuel. Savings up to 15% on consumption!

Gearbox Tuning

Experience maximum shift speeds with maximum clutch pressure control with our gearbox solution.

Solution patch

We can offer most solutions on to your stock ecu file and custom build patches developed for your needs.

Africa’s Largest

With the largest option list in the world, we guarantee that we can assist your needs!

Chip Tuning Your Vehicle

Looking for more power and better fuel consumption?
We have the solution for you.

With our chip tuning solution, we can remap your original Oem engine control module for maximum performance and fuel-saving. Eagle Eye’s calibration engineers are one of the largest chip tuning networks in the Southern Hemisphere, with international dealers worldwide.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 2+

Stage 3

Eco Remapping


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Hendrik Beket

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James Cockerman

“Best tuners ever!!!”

Inus Watkins

“The most professional service ever got, thanks a lot Eagle eye and also to Armand, Marnus you guys are definitely the future of all Tuned Cars.”

Monkey Explore

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Martin van der Merwe

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